• Tour 6

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    Duration of trip: 3:30 hours

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    Itinerary: Grasse - Valbonne - Biot

    Grasse is an ancient city in leather converted World Capital of perfumeGrassem. Known for its many creations, it includes three famous perfume Fragonard, Molinard and Gallimard.
    Grasse is the transition between the hinterland and the French Riviera. It is a pleasant and dynamic city.
    Visit the Fragonard perfumery factory.
    In option, posibility to create your own Perfume at Le Studio des Fragrances Galimard.

    Then we drive to Valbonne through the district of Grasse Plascassier.

    which means "Happy Valley" was exploited since antiquity. Rebuilt in the 16th century by the monks of Lerins, the village consists of a multitude of alleys housing craft shops and restaurants and a magnificent central square surrounded by archways from 15th and 17th

    Free time to visit the village.

    With its 2500 years of history, Biot has become very famous thanks to its Biotfamous terracotta jars used to transport and store olive oil. In 1956, craftsmen of Biot engaged in the manufacture of glass and the famous glass bubble is now well known worldwide.

    Visit glassware from Biot.
    Free time to visit the village.

    The return is done through the technology park of Sophia-Antipolis and the Park of Valmasque (pine and oak).